Nova – Planetarium In Process

In the last months we have been working on a collective development software. An application that works for content creators and the spectators.

We’ve been working on a very primitive prototype and we want to share it with this page... But we keep evolving it, so we didn’t do anything to Nova until now.

The application “Nova” was intended to be a tool that allowed all kinds of content creators, from artists, programmers and modelers, to work in the same environment and connect external applications. However, under the complication of creating such a project, we had to change our approach and leave the tool aside until we had an idea that was not only more useful but more convenient.

What is NOVA today?

Our intention was always to support the creative community so that they not only have more comfort when it comes to work, but also to find a place to fit in with others for similar purposes.

Today, Nova is moving forward in the development of an “interactive virtual museum” in which content creators; Cartoonists, Musicians, video game developers, writers, 3d modelers and others, can share their art with a familiar community.

Like a good museum would be, Nova will consist of the privacy and rights of the authors of each work and it’ll give feedback.


Actually, the Nova Planetarium it’s on developmen, but we’re looking for creators who want to share them art in our forums and if you have a game, 3d, atmospheric or audio project, please contact us

We’re trying to make not just a museum, but a game launcher, image visualizer, video and music player and read tool.

We’re working to make it pretty compact and publish it for Windows, Linux and Android. But as we continue developing we can’t define anything until we share a public beta.

Contact, Requirements and Recommendations

Before contacting us, we recommend registering your works at so that you can register your intellectual property and account for the rights necessary to claim your work.

Starlanders will not be responsible for problems related to plagiarism or disclosure of works granted without their rights reserved.

Please, send us an email with the following requirements to


Author’s Name (Even if it’s a pseudonym)
Name of the work
Publication date (When you published it)
Author’s note (If you have one)

and the respective links of the author.